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Making family travel affordable

Affordable Tips for Parents to Make Traveling Easier for the Whole Family

By Daniel Sherwin 

A single father helping other single Dads.

Traveling with kids

Traveling enriches your life in many ways. It allows you to discover the world and learn about new cultures, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for home. Traveling as a family can bring you closer together, strengthening your bond with your children. Organizing a trip that includes kids isn't always easy, however, especially if you have a strict budget to adhere to. Follow the below tips to arrange easy and affordable holidays the entire family will enjoy. 

Drive instead of flying

While flying is faster, driving is a more practical mode of transportation when it comes to family trips. Parents don’t have to stress about lugging strollers and baby carriers through airport security, and the time schedules are less strict since you don’t have to catch a plane. Kids also find driving less intimidating. Plus, driving is more flexible for the whole family: Whenever someone is hungry or has to go to the bathroom, it’s easy to pull over for a pitstop.

If you're going on a long-distance trip, renting a car allows you to avoid putting extra mileage on your own vehicle. Look for a reputable agency with positive reviews, like Enterprise. You can choose from a diversity of automobiles and expect decent rates. Look online for additional Enterprise deals, such as cashback promotions. 

Prepare to keep kids occupied on road trips

 While a road trip is more convenient than flying, it means long hours sitting in the car with little to do. For kids with short attention spans, this can be especially taxing. Prepare to keep your child occupied with affordable entertainment. For instance, there are many road trip games you can play for free. For example, you can print out a map of the United States and have kids color in the states as they spot their corresponding license plates.

A tablet is also a practical and easy way to keep kids busy. This one-time investment will serve you well for years following your trip, too. You can download television shows and movies to it, allowing little ones to choose their favorites. You can also add educational games such as Drawing Pad, which lets your kids create art digitally, or SpellTower, a fun word game.

Choose budget-friendly accommodation apart from hotels Instead of staying in a hotel, look for a home-style accommodation via a platform like AirBnB. This provides numerous benefits. For one thing, you’ll have more space to accommodate the entire family. Plus, you’ll have a kitchen and can prepare your own food—allowing you to save money while also enjoying healthier meals. Having a kitchen at your disposal is also convenient if you have kids who are finicky eaters, and lets you feed them anytime. Another alternative to traditional hotels is to arrange a home exchange. With this option, you allow another family to stay in your house while you stay in theirs. If you manage to link up with a family that has kids in a similar age range, you’ll have essential items like a high chair or crib at your disposal. This option is also very budget-friendly, as creating a listing is free.

Pack with intention When you have kids to take care of, packing gets more complicated. Refer to this family packing list to make sure you don't miss anything. It includes baby and toddler gear, like a carrier, sippy cup, child's toilet seat, baby food, and bib. Bibago offers cute and sustainable bibs. Pack everything in family-friendly luggage to help you save space. Matching baggage makes it easy to keep track of everything.

Follow these affordable tips and you’ll be able to enjoy stress-free travel planning. Then you can focus on your trip and enjoy watching your children discover the world. Your entire family will be thankful for your well-organized and carefully thought-out holiday.

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