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Affordable Tips for Parents to Make Traveling Easier for the Whole Family By Daniel Sherwin  A single father helping other single Dads. www.dadsolo.com Traveling enriches your life in many ways. It allows you to discover the world and learn about new cultures, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for home. Traveling as a family can bring you closer together, strengthening your bond with your children. Organizing a trip that includes kids isn't always easy, however, especially if you have a strict budget to adhere to. Follow the below tips to arrange easy and affordable holidays the entire family will enjoy. ...

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This one is a total mom-hack... Breakfast on-the-go doesn't get more simple and tasty with these muffins and a great new tool called Bibago, created by an Indy mom!  As a part of our ongoing egg series on social media, today’s video is how to make mini egg muffins. We love these mini egg muffins on busy mornings because they are ready to go… and a heck of a lot better than a lot of the other handheld breakfast options. The muffins can be simple- we used ham and cheese in the video- but, can also be dressed up a bit. If...

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Bibago® Bibs are a great way to help your little ones stay busy! Most parents have heard of a busy bag - a stash of toys and games to keep our kids entertained. At Bibago, we prefer the busy bowls! We all know Bibago bowls are great for holding snacks. But what about toys, mini books and art supplies? Putting toys and art supplies in the bowls is perfect for keeping your little one busy and you organized. No more digging around in the diaper bag for a random toy. Now they are all together in a clear bowl so...

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   Go for a walk or run while your little one takes their afternoon nap in the stroller.  Give your litl a snack in their Bibago as they ride in the stroller.  Don't worry about spilled food or a dropped pacifier. Bibago has you covered. A full tummy and the rocking motion of a stroller make for the perfect napping combination.  With a Bibago bib and paci strap my two year old could eat and sleep as she wished. This allowed me to get in some long Saturday afternoon runs without having to stop! Take your kids to the park. This may sound funny but it's...

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If your child is like my son, then they would probably eat chicken nuggets or pizza for every meal.  Here are few tips that have help me and my family. Have as many healthy food options as possible. Remove 90% the junk food and candy. I don’t believe in not having any unhealthy foods. It’s all about how much and how often. Put that little bit of candy and junk food out of your child’s site. It will make a great reward or bargaining chip down the road. Heck, even I like a little treat every night after dinner. Be...

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