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Affordable Tips for Parents to Make Traveling Easier for the Whole Family By Daniel Sherwin  A single father helping other single Dads. Traveling enriches your life in many ways. It allows you to discover the world and learn about new cultures, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for home. Traveling as a family can bring you closer together, strengthening your bond with your children. Organizing a trip that includes kids isn't always easy, however, especially if you have a strict budget to adhere to. Follow the below tips to arrange easy and affordable holidays the entire family will enjoy. ...

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This one is a total mom-hack... Breakfast on-the-go doesn't get more simple and tasty with these muffins and a great new tool called Bibago, created by an Indy mom!  As a part of our ongoing egg series on social media, today’s video is how to make mini egg muffins. We love these mini egg muffins on busy mornings because they are ready to go… and a heck of a lot better than a lot of the other handheld breakfast options. The muffins can be simple- we used ham and cheese in the video- but, can also be dressed up a bit. If...

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