Make your bib work for you

Bibago Happyness

1. Buy Extra Bowls

    a. Have bowls full of snacks in your car or diaper bag.

    b. Make meals ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.


2. Use your bowls to keep them busy

   a. Fill your extra bowls with small toys and books

   b. Keep your diaper bag organized


3. Have two bibs per child

    a. Never be without a Bibago when yours is in the laundry.

    b. Keep one in your diaper bag so your never stuck without it.


4. After breakfast in the car rinse your bib off at work and hang dry it so it clean and ready to go for after school/ daycare snack on the way home.


5. Let your little one wear their Bibago while you out shopping to eliminate the embarrassing trial of dropped food as you walk through the store.


6. Snap your Bibago around your kitchen cabinet knobs to air dry.




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