My Story

   I’m Christie, and I invented Bibago ®

A busy lifestyle and my love of design have resulted in some awesome products that I hope you find as useful as I have. These products have saved me untold time.

I created the Bibago bib when my kids were in daycare, I was working a full-time job while training to become a highly competitive triathlete. This meant early morning workouts and long training runs on weekends. I didn’t have an extra 20 minutes in the morning to wait on my kids to eat breakfast, so I started to let them eat in the car. Well, that was almost as stressful as feeding them at home—knowing that food was getting into all those unreachable crevices in my car.

That’s when my inner neat freak and creator came up with a waterproof bib that had just the right size pocket to hold a bowl. The Bibago saved me precious time in the morning. I could make oatmeal the night before and refrigerate it in the bowl. The next morning, I microwaved the bowl, snapped it in the bib and let my kids eat in the car on the way to daycare. I didn't have to worry about them spilling or not having enough time to eat. They could walk around the house or into daycare as they were finishing up their breakfast. I kept an extra bowl with snacks in my car, so If the kids were hungry on the way home I could snap in the bowl with the snack and we were good to go.

On weekends I used the bib in a jogging stroller on my long runs. It was the perfect solution. No more stopping to hand them a snack, open a package or pick up a spilled snack. The bib and bowl stayed in place and my kids could eat whenever they felt like it. And stopping to find a pacifier or pick it up off the sidewalk got frustrating, so I added a snap-on pacifier strap that allows your little ones to go from snack to paci all on their own.

Sports and design have always been my passions.  All my life I have spent my free time playing sports or making something. I went to Ball State University to play tennis and graduated with degrees in Architecture and Interior Design. After college I married and had two kids. My family is my inspiration. Designing products to make all of our lives easier and sharing them with other families brings me so much joy.  



My fun loving family. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without their support.


My awesome team mates. They are always pushing me to the next level.



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