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"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our bibago! I feel so lucky that we found it just as our baby boy was transitioning to more finger food. Now 7 months later we still use it almost everyday. It’s so convenient when we’re out and about and especially on those morning runs in the stroller. And we love that it has a pacifier clip attached so that whenever he’s finished he puts in his paci and takes a nap while finishing up our run."

                                                                                   Duralyn, Nashville TN


"... I'm telling you, it's a must have! We have used this in so many situations over the years. The best gift ever for any kiddo under 5. Harper Eilla is 18 months old, but the twins at 3 1/2 love it too..."

                                                                                    Brittany, Houston TX

"This is a great bib and it makes a great gift. I have bought one for all my great grand children and they love it."

                                                                                    Rie, Sarasota FL

"My favorite part about the bibs is all the food it catches. Less mess and less food waste. My next favorite thing is that I don't have to launder them every day, just wipe or rinse. They also seem to be something that will last through several children. It is clever that you color coded the snaps, so I don't have to think about how it goes back together."

                                                                                    Laura, Indianapolis IN


"My grandmother got me one of your cool on the go bib bowls and my toddler loves it! We use it all the time in the car to eat snacks. It is especially great for long drives. The design is very cute. The product is super practical and makes my life so much easier! Can’t thank you enough for inventing is such a clever product."

                                                                                    Greer, Indianapolis IN


We absolutely love our Bibago! My 16 month old baby girl is ALWAYS busy! I love that she can play and snack. Also I love this for traveling in the car, anything to save mess in the car seat! Also a huge plus it’s ALL DISHWASHER SAFE!

                                                                                     Carulyn, Indianapolis IN


Best bib for home or on the go! We love our Bibago Bib and use it daily. It has great durability and so easy to clean (hello dishwasher safe!). My daughter knows when she sees her bib that she gets to eat. Thanks to Bibago, eating out at restaurants, in the stroller, and even in the car has become so much less of a hassle and way less messy. HIGHLY recommend for all moms!

                                                                                     Libby, Carmel IN


"Bibago is great for kids and perfect for busy parents.  It's easy to use, easy to clean and my daughter loves feeding herself. This bib saves me 20 min. in the morning. I just microwave the oatmeal I made the night before in the bowl and snap it in the bib. My daughter can eat in the car on the way to daycare and I don't have to worry about her or my car getting dirty."  

                                                                                       Christie, Carmel IN


"Love this bib!  I can finally take my son on long runs without him crying or me having to stop every few minutes to give him something. I put some goldfish crackers in the bowl snap on the bib and away we go. He can eat whenever he feels like it. He likes the bib so much he will wear it around the house and snack as he's walking around." 

                                                                                       Christie, Carmel IN



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