Keeping Toddlers Busy

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Keeping Toddlers Busy

Bibago® Bibs are a great way to help your little ones stay busy!

Most parents have heard of a busy bag - a stash of toys and games to keep our kids entertained. At Bibago, we prefer the busy bowls!
We all know Bibago bowls are great for holding snacks. But what about toys, mini books and art supplies? Putting toys and art supplies in the bowls is perfect for keeping your little one busy and you organized. No more digging around in the diaper bag for a random toy. Now they are all together in a clear bowl so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Bibago busy bowls are great for long car rides, restaurants, sporting events, airplane rides, church, waiting rooms... 

Here are a few other ideas that don't involve screen time for keeping toddlers busy when you are on the go!

1. Create an I spy list of colors and shapes to take to the grocery store. 

2. Keep books in the seat pocket of your car. My kids love reading and looking at books in the car.

3. Give them a post-it note pad and let them create a flip book. These are the perfect size items for a Bibago bowl!

4.Have the bowl full of stickers, pipe cleaners and little jars of Play Doh for quick grab toys.



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