Best Baby Shower Gift

Best Baby Shower Gift

Bibago bibs are the perfect baby shower gift. Everyone likes a useful and luxurious gift. Bibago bibs are both. They combine function and fashion to form a durable and easy to use product. Great gifts are things we normally wouldn’t buy our selves. Experienced moms know the time saving and headache eliminating value of letting your kids eat on the go. A Bibago bib is a gift a new mom might not think to buy for herself but, she will find it very useful for many years. Use Bibago with and without the bowl for ages 4 months to 4 years. As gift givers we are hoping to put a smile on the recipients face at the moment of the gift exchange, but recipients don’t really care about this. Instead, recipients care about how useful a gift is when they actually possess and use it. This makes Bibago the perfect baby shower gift. People want luxury but you don’t have to break the bank to give it to them. Each Bibago bib comes with two snap in bowls and two lids for $24.95.  It’s a complete feeding system that will save their clothes through the puree baby food phase, help them learn to eat finger foods and keep them moving as toddlers.

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