Bibago Squiggles

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5 piece set. Bibago's patented feeding system includes one bib, two bowls and two lids.

"I love this for traveling in the car, anything to save messes in the car seat!" Carolyn Schultz

Bibago bibs are made from a waterproof, flexible fabric that is machine washable. The snap in place bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Great for parents and even better for kids.

Bibago, is the perfect bib for kids 4 months to 4 years. Use the bib without the bowl when they are too young for finger foods but ready for pureed foods. This is around 4 months. Bibago keeps your little one dry and clean during those messy meal times. Unsnap the bib, lay it flat and rinse it off. Super easy to clean.

Introduce the bowl around 6 or 8 months when they are sitting up on their own and able to pick up objects with their thumb and forefinger. Fill the bowl with bananas, peaches, pears, avocados, puffs, or small bits of scrambled eggs. Snap the bowl in your Bibago and let them feed themselves at the table or on the go. Bibago is a great tool for teaching fine motor skills. Most dropped food lands back in the bowl so they can try and try again until they master the skill. Bibago builds confidence and creates independence. 

Don't let a hungry kid stop you. Keep doing what you need to do and let your little ones feed themselves. Save time by preparing meals in your Bibago bowls ahead of time. Microwave or just snap in the bowl and go. Don't forget to pack extra bowls with snacks when you're out and about. 

Additional Bibago bowls and pacifier strap sold separately. Extra Bibago bowls means extra prepared. Having more bowls eliminates worry and saves time. 



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