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Cooking with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. Watching them learn and grow makes me so happy.

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  Libby and her daughter Josephine... "We took our Bibago bib to family breakfast at Wild Eggs. The bib fit inside the food container until it was time to eat then I simply unfolded it, attached the food container, and Josie was good to go! When we were done, I put the lid on her leftover food and wrapped the bib around the container. It fit perfectly in my small backpack. Easiest eating out experience ever!"

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What an inspiring day! So cool to see all these moms and women-owned businesses coming together. Thanks to all these great MOMS for making Bibago’s first photo shoot a success. A mom created a great product - Bibago.  A mom took all the professional photos - Kelly White Photography. A mom made all of the food - Cafe Baby A mom provided a great location - Urban Chalkboard. A bunch of moms brought there adorable, well-mannered children. It was so inspiring to see so many successful women following their dreams and making it happen. Seeing other children enjoying Bibago bibs...

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