The Bloom Blog Featuring Bibago

The Bloom Blog Featuring Bibago

Meeting other inspiring Moms and watching them make great things happen is a always a treat. I had the pleasure of meeting, Claire Trost, the owner of Bent Arrow Acres and author of bloom blog. Below is a bit of what she wrote after our meeting. You can read the complete post and more of her blog at

...On Valentine’s Day, I met with Christie of Bibago, an Indianapolis baby bib company, and I was reminded of Sara.

Christie, introduced to me by Jeannie of Cafe Baby– another great business owner turned friend- is a busy mom that invented a bib with a pocket that can hold a container. I love meeting with small business owners because I like the conversation and believe two heads are better than one. I like hearing that I am not alone and I find that I am not bad at offering help and perspective.

As we talked over coffee, she told me about her current hurtles with attorney’s in getting a patent.

Things I have never dealt with.

How she was working on sourcing the best container for the bib. Food grade, BPA free, dishwasher safe, fits the dimensions, and would have to have a snap.

Things I never had even had to consider.

That she is looking into manufacturing facilities to produce her bibs so she can scale production.

Things I had never worried about.

… I was starting to wonder if I would be any help in this conversation. Then, she started to tell me why she created Bibago.

She was a new mom. Working and trying to continue to train for triathlons. That meant long runs with the stroller. Long runs when her kids would get hungry and need a snack… and she would have to stop, open a bag of goldfish or whatever… that, a few hundred yards later, would be thrown out of the stroller and onto the ground.

Things I have dealt with.

She was a bit of a neat freak and learned quickly that kids are messy. Trying to get them to learn to eat with utensils is tricky and even with bibs, food still fell into their lap, saturated the bib’s fabric and got everywhere. This was hard at home and even harder when out to eat.

Things I had considered.

Mornings were busy and she wanted her kids to have a good meal for breakfast. But, in order to get where they needed to go, they had to eat in the car. This meant something balanced and nutritious to start the day was out the window. It was granola bars and Pop Tarts. Things that could be held. That gave her Mom Guilt.

Things I worry about all the time.

Instead, with Bibago, thanks to it’s waterproof fabric covered in cute patterns (all designed by Christie) and pocket with a snap in container, she didn’t have to deal with these things anymore. She didn’t have to worry.

She would make overnight oats and snap the container into her kids bibs and they ate on the way to daycare without fears of spilling or a sugar crash. Before runs, she would fill a container with a snack, snap it in and go. Her kids could eat as they pleased while she got her workout in without interruption.

I loved it all. I could totally resonate with the need in the car and on runs. She shared a Bibago with me for Savannah and we are loving it. (Theo is even jealous and asks to wear it all the time.)

I have written here that Savannah is a little destructive. Still true. So, with the Bibago, snacking is so much easier because she can’t dump the bowl...

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