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Keep it simple

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Trust me. I have tried everything when it comes to feeding little kids. 



I tried the bowls that suction cupped to the table. My kids pulled on them until they came unstuck and the food went flying. 



I tried the gyro snack bowl. Pretty good, but my kids still got dirty and managed to break it. 



I ended up with so many bowls and lids I could never find a matching set. The bowl would be in the dishwasher, but the lid was wherever the kids left it.



I created the Bibago® self-feeding bib to help kids feed themselves and make parenting a little easier. Every lid fits every bowl, and every bowl fits every bib. No more searching for a match. 



The bowls are clear and airtight so you can prepare your snack ahead of time. Having snacks ready to go saves you time when rushing out the door and allows your toddlers to help themselves.  



A perfect solution!



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